The 5 Best Fuji Lenses for Stunning Portraits (2021 Update)

Fuji XF 35mm f1.4 lens

Fujifilm’s X Series system is famous for producing beautiful skin tones, so it’s an obvious choice for taking photos of people and portrait photography. When I started as a photographer, I was more interested in taking pictures of places and things while traveling, but soon learned that pictures of people can be the most memorable … Read more

Fuji 23mm vs 35mm: Which lens and focal length is better?

Fuji XF 35mm f1.4 lens

If you’re new to the Fuji X Series lens system, there’s a good chance you’re grappling with a decision between Fuji’s 23mm and 35mm lens offerings. After all, these two focal lengths are incredibly versatile. Plus, Fujifilm is known for its stunning prime lenses, so every Fuji photographer should have at least one in their … Read more

Fujifilm Rumors: New Fuji Cameras Coming in 2020

No one wants to buy an outdated digital camera, especially if you’re already planning to make an investment. I remember seeing this happen all over Facebook when Fuji released the X-T4 earlier this year with a slew of new, enviable features. Even if Fuji’s camera have an excellent lifespan, you still want to fully know … Read more